Greypix Schnauzers®
Kent Olsen / Baard H. Snevoll
Kongsvingervegen 2295
Phone: +47 63 90 20 49
Buy a puppy from us? Please read this.

As a breeder you have a resposibility for the breed. Among that is health and temperament.
We have followed the miniatureschnauzers for more than 20 years in Norway and feels that it is a healthy and outgoing breed.
Trought our partnerships in Sweden, UK and the US we have had the pleasure to breed healthy dogs with nice apperance and outgoing temperaments.
All our dogs in the breed-stock follows the breed-club's regulations for health.

Our primary-goal as a breeder is to breed outgoing and healthy puppies. When we have pup's they all live inside our home together with the rest of our dogs, that all lives as pets. And the wish for having this wonderful breed as a companion-dog is important for those of you that want to have a puppy from us.

We evaluate puppies early and at times we do have puppies that is not sold as we concider them as potensial breed-stock for the future. This evalutation will take place from the birth until we decide its potensial. Therefore we at some times do have dogs that is more then 8 weeks old at home for sale.

When you decide to contact us to get to know the breed, it is of great importance that you visit us. Here you will meet our dogs, and we will let you know how we think as breeders. We are interested to find out what you expect from us and the puppy, and for us it is important to make the moving to its new home as smoothly as possible.
When we deliver the puppy we will follow up as close as possible.

A puppy from Greypix is registreted at the Norw. KC, delivered with a health-certificate done at 8 weeks of age. It is wormed and first shots are done. And you will get a puppy-pack with written nutrition and information about grooming. We also have a written contract that is signed by us and the new owner.

No puppies will be delivered without meeting the new owners, and we do not send dog alone anywhere.

Welcome to us and our schnauzers!

Kent Olsen / Bård Snevoll


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