Pedigree of litter 11
Born 21 March 2007






Wardscreek's Flying Solo

Wardscreek's Rocket Man

Repetition's Cornerstone

Rampage Representative

Rampage's Express mail

Rampage's Positive attitude (b/s)

CH Das Fether Poetic Justice

Jerry'O's Sharpshooter O'Daree

Repitition's PB Production (b/s)

CH Wardcreek's Put'n On The Ritz

CH Bandsman's High Spirits

Always a Bandsman

Bandsman's They brooke the mold

Ward Creek's Highway Hooker

Sumervynd Bandsman Freeway

Blythewood Dark secret (black)

Wards Creek's One And Only

Wardscreek's Medicine Man

Rampage Representative

Rampage's Express mail

Rampage's Positive attitude (b/s)

Wardcreek's Put'n On The Ritz

Bandsman's High Spirits

Wardscreek's Highway hooker (black)

Wardscreek's Gossip Column

Bojangles Playboy

Sumervynd Romeo of CharNCo

Bojangeles Black gold (black)

Wards Creek's Highfalutin

Sumerwynd's Bandsman Freeway

Blythewood Dark Secret (black)

Greypix's Made Nordic

Motown's Not Bad At All

 Risepark Our Bill Boy

Hideki Checkpoint Charlie

Risepark Here comes Charlie

Penlan Pleased to meet you

Risepark Our Miss Daisy

Travelmore US mail

Risepark Dayline Debutant

IMotown's Rock Olga

Brittuvan's Mac The Knife Motown

Motown's Broman

Stall Joker's La luna inka

Motown's Edith Piaf

Walter's Sailor of Cynmar

Prefix Dolly parton

Greypix's It's Mostly Underneath

Unique V D Havenstad

Blythewood Win's A Blue Streak

Blythewood Shooting sparks

Blythewood Born to win

Gery Pearl De La Tour De Kamouraska

Blythewood Pepper II

Blythewood Cashew de la tour

Arbeybuffel's Missed Me Bye

Arbey Annes

Rinnmick Ringmaster

Arbey Ain't misbehavin

CH Arbeybuffel's Miss Match Me

Arbey Art'n match

Arbeybuffel's Matching up