Pedigree of litter 15
Born 15 Nov. 2008





CH.Awesome Kiss My Gritz

CH.Rampage Representative

CH Rampage Express Mail

CH Rampage Kid Moody

Rampage Bold Expression

Rampage Positive Attitude S/s

CH Rampage Waco Kid S/s

CH Rampage Positive Mood

CH.Awesome's Raizin The Roof

CH Regency Twist Of Fate

CH/JAP CH Regency Doble Agent

CH.Daree Strike A Poise

Awesome's Repitition Azalea

Repitition's Quixotic One

Awesome's Rampage Zarha

CH.Axcium Million Dollar Baby

CH.Repitition Stiletto

CH Wards Creek's Flying Solo

CH Wards Creek's Rocket Man

CH Wards Creek's One And Only

Repitition's Cover Girl

Millers Hunt For Justice

Repitition's Ypafttlm Lucille

Repitition's Trump This

CH Sumerwynd Bandsman Freeway

CH Sumerwynd Bandsman Showoff

CH Bandsman's Free Spirit

CH Repitition's Rich Biiiitch!

CH Repitition's Cornerstone

CH Repitition's All About Eve