Pedigree of litter 17
Born 04 Sep. 2010






Greypix's Dark Dante

Kareso Game On

CH Regency Gamebreaker

CH Presenttation To Regency

CH Repitition's Cornerstone

CH Pre

Regency Dancing To Dawn

CH Regency Lets Boogie

Das Feders Sister Act

Regency Maid For Us At Kareso

CH Regency Twist N' Turn

CH Regency Twist Of Fate

Regency Natty Nell

Regency Double Take

CH/JAP CH Regency Doble Agent

Hyland's Aint Miss Behaving

Buffel's Passion For Fashion

CH Buffels Flashman

Jovial's High Flyer Of Sole Baye

CH Allaruth's Charles V Sole Baye

CH Jovial's Indecent Proposal

Schonhardt Buffels Glory

CH Simon Says Of Hansenhaus

Fifth Ave Flirt V Hansenhaus

Buffel's The Last Time

CH Arbeybuffel's Leading Lite

Buffel's Party Leader

Arbeybuffel's Galley Girl

CH Buffel's Good Time Girl

CH Rimmick Ringmaster

Buffel's Tuti Frutti

Greypix's And That Is Arja

CH Axcium's Casanova

CH Repitition's Turbo Charged

CH Repitition's Blast Off

CH Chattelane's Fire Cracker

CH Repitition's La Superba

CH Hardinhaus Lil Annie Oakley

CH Wardscreek Full Metal Jacket

Karlshof Kalamity Jane I i

Repitition's Trump This

CH Sumerwynd Bandsman Freeway

CH Sumerwynd Bandsman Showoff

CH Bandsman's Free Spirit

CH Repitition's Rich Biiiitch!

CH Repitition's Cornerstone

CH Repitition's All About Eve

CH Greypix's Mirthful Norse

Adamis Nordic Destination

Ward Creek's Lasso's The Moon

CH Repitition's Cornerstone

CH Ward Creek's Put'n On The Ritz

CH Adamis Honeydripper

CH Adamis Frontrunner

CH Adamis I'm Not Your Honey

INT.CH Arbeybuffel's Missed Me Bye

Arbey Annes

CH Rimmick Ringmaster

Arbey Ain't Misbehavin

CH Arbeybuffel's Miss Match Me

CH Rimmick Ringmaster

Arbeybuffel's Matching Up