Pedigree litter 23
Born 12 Feb 2012





Arbeybuffel's Moonliteing
Repitition's Modus Operandi Awesome Shazam I am

Regency's Twist of fate

Awesome Repitition Azalea

Repitition's Good Witch

Repitition's Dark Prince

Croix Lac Honey Bunny

Arbeybuffel's In the mood Buffel's Flashman

Jovial High flyer of Sole Bay

Schonhardt Buffels Glory

Arbeybuffel's Ring og roses

Arbeybuffel's Go north

Arbeybuffel's Ring a ding

Greypix's Do me again

Kareso Game On

CH Regency Gamebreaker

Presenttation To Regency

Regency Dancing To Dawn

Regency Maid For Us At Kareso

Regency Twist N' Turn

Regency Double Take

Buffel's Passion For Fashion

Buffels Flashman

Jovial's High Flyer Of Sole Baye

Schonhardt Buffels Glory

Buffel's The Last Time

Arbeybuffel's Leading Lite

Buffel's Good Time Girl