Pedigree of litter
CH Greypix's Moments of Satisfaction
CH Greypix's Mrs Sippi
Greypix's Made of Satisfaction
Greypix's Satisfied moments
Born 13 Jan. 2002






CH Motown's Satisfaction

Motown's That's All There Is

INT.CH Prefix Jultomte

INT.CH Prefix Callebalik

INT.CH Prefix Calleshewen

INT.CH Mariway's Anne Bonney

INT.CH Mariway's Anne Bonney

Mariway's Jolly Roger

Mariway's Casino Lady

CH Prefix Dirty Dancing

Maximin Wicked Wizard

Maximin Night Flash

Deansgate The Wicket Fairy

CH Prefix Tjeien Som Visste For Mycket

Prefix Stevie Wonder

INT.CH Mariway's Anne Bonney

CH Motown's Imagine

INT.CH Ashwick Mr Pickwick

CH Travelmore Us Mail

CH Skyline Blue Spruce

CH Reflection's Lively Image

CH Deansgate Auntie Nuff At Ashwick

CH Nosbod Gentleman Jack Of Deansgate

Deansgate Brighty Nuff

INT.CH Motown's Rock Olga

INT.CH Brittuvan's Mac The Knife Motown

CH Motown's Broman

Stall Joker's La Luna Inka

Motown's Edith Piaf

Walters Sailor Of Cynmar

INT.CH Prefix Dolly Parton

CH Greypix's It's Mostly Underneath

INT.CH Unique V D Havenstad

CH Blythewood Win's A Blue Streak

CH Blythewood Shooting Sparks

CH Blythewood My Best Shot

CH Blythewood She's A Fox

CH Blythewood Born To Win

Blythewood Ewok V D Stars

CH Blythewood Spirit Of America

INT.CH Gery Pearl De La Tour De Kamouraska

INT.CH Blythewood Pepper Ii

CH Blythewood Shooting Sparks

CH Maroc Go For It

INT.CH Blythewood Cashew De La Tour

CH Follys Cimarron D'blythewood

CH Blythewood Lovly Lila

INT.CH Arbeybuffel's Missed Me Bye

Arbey Annes

CH Rimmick Ringmaster

CH Eastwight Sea Master

CH Sea Fable Of Rownham

Arbey Ain't Misbehavin

CH Arbey Artcher

Arbey Silver Lace

CH Arbeybuffel's Miss Match Me

CH Rimmick Ringmaster

CH Eastwight Sea Master

CH Sea Fable Of Rownham

Arbeybuffel's Matching Up

CH Arbey Art'n Match

Arbeybuffel's Tried And Tested