Pedigree of litter 8
Born 03 July 2004





CH Axcium's Casanova

CH Repitition's Turbo Charged

CH Repitition's Blast Off

CH Chattelane's Fire Cracker

CH Repitition's La Superba

CH Hardinhaus Lil Annie Oakley

CH Wardscreek Full Metal Jacket

Karlshof Kalamity Jane I i

Repitition's Trump This

CH Sumerwynd Bandsman Freeway

CH Sumerwynd Bandsman Showoff

CH Bandsman's Free Spirit

CH Repitition's Rich Biiiitch!

CH Repetition's Cornerstone

CH Repitition's All About Eve

CH Greypix's Moments Of Satisfaction

CH Motown's Satisfaction

Motown's That's All There Is

INT.CH Prefix Jultomte

CH Prefix Dirty Dancing

CH Motown's Imagine

INT.CH Ashwick Mr Pickwick

INT.CH Motown's Rock Olga

CH Greypix's It's Mostly Underneath

INT.CH Unique V D Havenstad

CH Blythewood Win's A Blue Streak

INT.CH Gery Pearl De La Tour De Kamouraska

INT.CH Arbeybuffel's Missed Me Bye

Arbey Annes

CH Arbeybuffel's Miss Match Me